Pohela Boishakhi saree

Pohela Boishakh is a tradition and a source of pride for Bengalis. The culture of Bengalis for a long time is Pahela Boishakh. Pohela Boishakh is actually for men and women in different outfits. Especially on this day women wear Baishakhi sari. It is unthinkable if Bengali girls do not wear Baishakhi sari on the first day of Boishakh. Many Bengali women wear different types of saris on the occasion of Pohela Boishakh. Today we have collected detailed information about Baishakhi Sari for Bengali women. And I will share the information about that sari. From our post you can know Baishakhi red sari, white sari and Baishakhi gift sari. If you want to know about Baishakhi sari then see below.

Tradition of Bengali month

Pohela Boishakh has been a tradition of Bengalis for many years. Bengalis consider this first Baishakhi day as a traditional culture. Pohela Baishakh is a festival of reunion of Bengalis. This festival is started on 14th April every year as Bengali New Year. This is known as “Naboborsho”. On the occasion of this festival, all the people of Bengal come together and celebrate this day.

What do Bengalis do on the day of Boishakh

Pahela Boishakh is the traditional culture of Bengalis. On the occasion of Pohela Boishakh, he visited various cultural programs at the base of Ramna. Then panta-hilsa fish is eaten with friends. And together they travel to different types of concerts as well as Baishakhi fairs.

Saree Lovers Love

Especially women choose different types of sari for reading sari on book Shakib day mainly sari is for women of all ages and women of all countries like to wear sari and sari is everyone’s choice if others want to participate.

Red and white Baishakhi Saree

Pohela Boishakh means to wear Baishakhi sari in a combination of white and red. Especially women prefer saris in a mixture of red and white on the first Baishakh. These saris look very attractive on the first Baishakh. The red and white sari of Boishakh combines the identity of modernity and nobility. Baishakhi sari is preferred by all types of women.

Collection of Other Fabrics  Saree

There are many who do not want to wear sari. After different types of clothing. After the first Baishakh, such as salwar-kameez, kurti and various designs of clothes. Especially on this day women look attractive after wearing different colored salwar and kurti with it. I like Baishakhi sari the most. Gorgeous Baishakhi sari with the most look.

Baishakhi Saree Collection

On the occasion of Baishakhi, women like to buy different types of outfits and saris. Since then she prefers different types of saris to look comfortable and gorgeous. We have already informed you about those saris. Today we will publish the list of Baishakhi saris. Below are the saris that Bengali women like on the first day of Boishakh.

  • Pure linen Saree
  • Cotton Silk Saree
  • Jamdani Saree
  • Baishakhi  Saree Hand Print Khadi
  • Sari Skin Boutique Saree
  • Silk Saree
  • Different Types of Printed Saree.

Price of Baishakhi Saree

Since you like to wear different types of saris on the occasion of Pohela Boishakh. So if you want to know about the price of Baishakhi sari, you can look at different types of online protocols. For example, from ajkerdeal.com you can choose stylish sari within your budget.


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