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Best Korean Girls Name List ,Flower Name & Meaning

The Korean language is very difficult to understand. Most of the world does not understand Korean. Those who want to find beautiful names of Korean language kids online. We think you have come to the right place today. We have been able to collect the names of many girls in Korean language. You can choose the names of wonderful girls. In order to collaborate on the names of your choice, we have published the names of the girls in Korean with meaning here.

We have provided the names of countless Korean girls in the form of tables. Where each name is given with meaning. So there is no reason not to understand. Each name has a definite meaning, which will benefit you.

 Korean Girls Flower Name List

Flowers are a symbol of love. It is difficult to find people in the world who do not love flowers. If you want to build a beautiful life like a flower, you can name the children according to the name of the flower. Those who have expressed interest in naming their children by associating them with different flower names.

If you like the name of a flower. The name of that flower will be appropriate for your baby. It would be very nice to call him by this name and everyone would like his name very much. Now you have to decide which flower to name. However, in that case, we can help you with the names of many flowers with money. Below are the names of numerous Korean girls.

Korean Flower Name Meaning
Ailiseu (iris)
Baeg-Ilcho (zinnia)
Bongseon (impatiens)
Chija (gardenia)
Dallia (dalia)
Deiji (daisy)
Haebaragi (sunflower)
Haw (young beautiful flower)
Hei-Ran (graceful orchid)
Hwa-Young (beautiful flower)
Jang-Mi (rose)
Jelanyum (geranium)
Jindallae (azalea)
Kaneisyeon (carnation)
Mindeulle (dandelion)
Molan (peony)
Nari (lily flower)
Paenji (pansy)
Soo- A (perfect lotus flower)
Soo-Gook (hydrangea)
Soo-Yun (perfect lotus flower)
Suseonhwa (daffodil)
Tyullib (tulip)
Yang-gwibi (poppy)
Yon (lotus blossom)

Best Korean Girls Name List & Meaning

Korean Name Meaning
Aera (love)
Ahnjong (tranquil)
Ara (beautiful)
Areum (beautiful)
A-Yeong (refined)
Bong-Cha (superior daughter)
Cho (beautiful)
Cho-Hee (beautiful joy)
Eun-Kyung (graceful gem)
Hea (graceful girl)
Hiah (glad)
Jia (beautiful, good)
Jung hwan (righteous beauty)
Kyong (brightness)
Kyung Mi (honored and beauty)
Mee (beautiful)
Mee (beauty)
Mi-Cha (beautiful girl)
Mi-Hi (beautiful joy)
Mi-hi (beautiful joy)
Mi-Kyong (beauty and brightness)
Mi-Ok (beautiful pearl)
Mi-Sun (beauty and goodness)
Mi-Young everlasting beauty
Moon smart one
Myung-Hee cheerful joy
Sang-Hee pleasant one
Sena world’s beauty
Sun-Hee goodness, pleasure
Bada (ocean)
Baram (wind)
Bong (mythical bird)
Bon-Hwa (Glorious)
Byeol (star)
Eun Ae (grace with love)
Eun Jung (grace and affection)
Eun-Kyung (graceful gem)
Hae (ocean like daughter)
Hae-Won (Graceful and beautiful garden)
Heejin (precious pearl)
Ho (goodness lake)
Hyun-Ok (wise and beautiful pearl)
Joo (jewel)
Myung-Ok (bright pearl)
Sook (she of pure nature)
Haneul (heaven or sky)
Haru (day)
Yuri (glass/crystal)
Taeyang (sun)


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