Nadia Afrin Mim Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight,Boyfriend & Dating

Nadia Afrin is a model actress and YouTuber was born on 12 February 1996 Mymensingh. In 2014, she participated in Lux Channel I Superstar and was at the top level. He is currently acting with many popular dramas and is gifting popular dramas day by day. She is very beautiful to look at and has a lot of drama skills. As a result, she is being associated with many popular dramas in Bangladesh and is giving gifts to good works, so the audience is very much interested to know about her.

Nadia Afrin Mim Biography &  Wiki

Popular Bangladeshi actress Nadia Afrin Mim. Since he was a Channel I superstar in 2014, he has been involved in a variety of dramas. His notable dramas are Bachelor Point 2017 and Ainabaji Original Series 2017. Nadia Afrin Mim graduated from American International University and received the 2014 member Channel I Super Star Award. Bangladeshi music celebrities.

Nadia Afrin Mim Height, Age,Weight

Nadia Afrin Mim is a popular actress in Bangladesh, so the audience knows a lot about her. There is a lot of respect. The audience is more interested to know about her personal life. That’s why I have made this post for them. Mim is 5 feet 4 inches tall and currently weighs 50 kg. Nadia Afrin Mim’s nickname is Nadia.

Mim Height : 5 feet 4 inches

Age : 24 Years

Nadia Afrin Mim Boyfriend / Dating

Since Nadia Afrin Mim is a proud celebrity in Bangladesh, we are most interested to know about her and information about relationships, so today we will give valuable information about her personal life. Nadia Afrin Mim She is currently divorced Nadia Afrin Mim tied the knot on April 28, 2016. Nadia’s ex-husband’s name is Shafayat Ali Choyan. Nadia Afrin Mim is single at the moment but we don’t know any information about her running train status.

Nadia Afrin Mim ex-Husband    :    Shafayet Ali

Nadia Afrin Mim Net Worth

Nadia Afrin Mim has worked with a lot of successful dramas in Bangladesh and I am still spending time with those good dramas so the model and actress came to life and earned a lot of money. Many listeners are interested to know about the total amount of her assets. Mim will provide some valuable information about the resource. Nadia Afrin Mim Total Net Worth 5 Million.

Nadia Afrin Mim Total Net Worth 5 Million.

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